8 Ways To Keep Your Staff Happy - Even In Uncertain Times

Happy Staff

The Coronavirus has left many Aussies jobless and businesses
insolvent or 
struggling to pivot in new directions for growth.

Australia’s unemployment rate increased to 7.4% in June 2020 and 6.9% in September 2020, up from 5.2% in January. 12 months later and we're weighing in at 4.9%. What will happen if pandemic lockdowns continue and Government support ceases? Will it spike again?

Rebuilding the nation’s workforce during a significant economic downturn is no easy task. Employers will have their hands full, either keeping on valued employees or recruiting staff from a growing pool of candidates.

Workers seeking new roles in these unprecedented times will be looking for harmonious workplaces with benefits that add value and keep them happy.

With that in mind, here are 8 ways to boost staff happiness and help build your reputation as an employer of choice in a changing world.

1. Free fruit bowls of happiness

Many people skip brekky and are too busy to eat during the day. Placing a few fresh fruit bowls around the office is a healthy, cost-effective perk for staff. Stock office vending machines with healthy snacks as well.

2. Free feed Fridays

A major shift to food delivery services means you now have plenty of options to reward your staff with something nice for lunch. It’s something to look forward to and could potentially reduce Friday absences by those looking for a longer weekend. Everyone loves a free feed!

3. Birthday treats

Birthdays are special, so why not thank your staff for their loyalty with a day off to enjoy some downtime? You could send a small birthday gift to them at work the day before to really show your appreciation. Gift cards are a practical present.

4. Vehicle salary packaging perks

This is a clever way to run a personal car that provides tax benefits to employees at no cost to the employer. Vehicle salary packaging is run through payroll deductions and is an alternative to a pay rise when the latter is not feasible. Companies and government agencies have been rewarding staff with fully-managed vehicle programs for decades.

5. Comfortable break-out rooms

Having a place to unwind or take a short break is important for employees' mental health. The break-out room should feel fresh and inviting, and complement the workplace. Consider installing a ping pong, pool or foosball table. A fun break leaves people ready to return to work with renewed vigour.

6. Subsidised fitness classes

Keep staff performing at their best by making fitness more affordable. A healthy, happy and motivated staff member brings a positive attitude to the workplace. A positive team is more focused and productive, and likely to take fewer days off.

7. Broker partners

Consider aligning your business with brokers. Mortgage brokers, asset and equipment brokers, finance brokers and insurance brokers all have something to offer your business. Staff can take advantage of great deals to save time and money on key purchases. 

8. Vehicle financing help

Staff appreciate anything their employer does to improve the quality of their lives — and it doesn’t have to be a pay rise! With remote working and staff cuts due to the pandemic, many people will have less time to look for a new car, never mind work out the financing. Look for a free consulting service that will save staff time and money, allowing them to focus on making a productive contribution to your business.

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