More than 50% business use




Whether you are a sales rep earning a PAYG income, sole trader, partnership or Pty Ltd company, if you use your vehicle more than 50% for business you qualify for BizCars.


Large corporate and government employers have always had priveledged access to big discounts on cars, finance and fleet management.


With BizCars, YOU can access these same discounts, by leveraging off OUR fleet buying power.


If you go out and buy 1, or even 5 cars on your own, you will still not access the same level of buying power as BizCars. When BizCars negotiates with dealers and manaufacturers they take into account our overall business size and buying power, which is passed on directly to you.


With BizCars you can access products like a Chattel Mortgage, a Finance Lease, Hire Purchase agreement and other finance options where your vehicle is used predominantly for business.  You may even qualify for a fully managed novated lease through your employer, which is Ideal for those who receive a car allowance and prefer summarised expense reporting rather than keeping a shobox full of receipts.


Whatever your situation, BizCars can help to source a vehicle at fleet prices and set you up with a great finance deal.