Handy Motoring Tips from AutoMates

Ever looked at your car's headlights and thought....

"Why are they so cloudy or yellow?"


It's quite normal for the plastic enclosures of headlights to suffer over

time in the elements, and a discoloured appearance can often make an

otherwise great car look rather drab - apart from the obvious safety issue

of the light now struggling to project clearly onto the road through an

unclear lens.


Well, before you go out to the parts department at the dealership

sweating with your wallet in hand, try this little trick and see if you

can't save yourself some coin.


Bring on the TOOTHPASTE!


Yep, you heard right.


Simply work a little toothpaste over the outside of the plastic lenses of your headlights in a circular motion with a

cloth or paper towel, then wipe off with water.  Reapply if needed.


We tested this on a 5 year old Toyota Kluger recently and the headlights look like new again!


Give it a go, and see if it makes a difference on your car.


It's a cheap cleaner that has multiple uses, without cleaning out your wallet.



The team @ AutoMates