New Mazda3 SP25 Auto Hatch

Standard Dealer Discount $2,050

AutoMates Negotiated Discount $3,520 - Outright Purchase or Consumer Car Loan 

(plus GST Saving on Purchase $2,500 if financed as a novated lease)


Total Upfont Savings Achieved $3,500 (or $6,000)


Case Study

So how did AutoMates save a customer $16,000 compared to the traditional way of purchasing and running a vehicle??  


Simple.  Through a fullly managed novated lease facility.  


Here's his example:

New Mazda3 SP25 Auto Hatch

5 year lease term 

15,000kms pa
$55,000 employee annual salary


AutoMates Negotiated Discount $3,500

GST Saving on Purchase $2,500

Annual Income tax and GST savings $2,000 x 5


Total Savings Achieved $16,000


There is no better way to get a tax deduction on a private use / family vehicle than a Novated Lease.


So why isn't every Australian driver novating their vehicle? Because they simply don't know it exists. Unless you work for a large Corporate or a Government dept it's unlikely you have heard about this amazing way to run a personal car.  Or if you have, chances are your employer may not be aware of this desirable staff benefit.

It's available to businesses of any size who have PAYG employees, and as it's a fully outsourced program we take care of the admin and the management of your vehicle, leaving the boss to get on with business.  

We're here to help educate Australian businesses and give those employers and their employees a much deserved boost.


Novated leasing is equivalent to a staff pay rise at no cost to the business!  

It's a WIN / WIN for everyone.


So now you know.  Go ask your boss for a free pay rise.  Make their day.

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