Handy Motoring Tips from AutoMates

We said we'd show you clever ways to save money running your car,

so here's one that will also make you breathe a sigh of relief...


Remember that last speeding ticket you received in the post?  

56 km/h in a 50 zone. Geez, Grandma drives faster than that.


Generally no one WANTS to speed, we just get distracted in our

busy lives, chatting away in the car, flowing with the traffic

and bang.... a love letter in the post.  Ouch.


There are a number of apps out there that can help and keep us

safe on the road - we've been trying out a few and reckon this one 

is one of the best.


It's called Speed Camera, and it basically performs 2 key tasks.


1.  Tell me when I am approaching a fixed speed or red light camera

2.  Tell me when I am exceeding the speed limit by more than my

pre-set km/h variance (eg. 5 km/h)  


It even works in the background whilst other apps like GPS maps 

are being used.


There's a free trial period, then a nominal $8 pa fee or $15 lifetime

fee to continue using this license saving app.


Bear in mind that the ongoing use of mapping and traffic apps

will drain your smartphone's battery charge, along with increased

data usage, so ensure you talk to your local telco provider to set

you up with a few extra GB per month to cover it.


If you need to great phone data plan, contact us and we can help you

to save money there too.  Hmmmm.... that new iPhone looks nice.


The way we figure it, if you save yourself 1 x hefty speeding fine per

year, apart from not accumulating those double demerit points, you've
easily covered your app and additional data usage fees. 


Then you can stream away with the extra data, folks!



The team @ AutoMates



* please note this article is a guide on how to stay safe on the road. Automates does not take any responsibility for any traffic infringements or road incidences that may occur through use of this app or a smart phone whilst driving.