Real life testimonials

from delighted customers

NSW Police

I shopped around various dealerships for a few weekends before I contacted Automates to see what they could do.


After 48 hours they came back to me with a price that was about $1,500 cheaper than the best quote I could get myself.


To top it off, I then just went about my day to day business while these guys handled the ordering, fitment of options and delivery of the car for me.


I wish I had have contacted them straight away, instead of wasting those weekends when I went shopping myself.

Financial Planner
Godfrey Pembroke

Lucky I found these guys in time.


I had already decided to buy a new car and was just going to get a loan to pay for it.


Before proceeding I spoke to these guys about their Novated Lease product. Being in the financial planning industry, I immediately recongnised and understod the GST and tax benefits on offer.


I let them source my new Subaru (I saved 20% up front) , arrange the Novated Lease finance and manage all of my ongoing running costs.  


I am literally saving thousands of dollars every year and now recomend this to my own clients.


Real Estate Sales
Financial Planner
Blue Mountains

Never thought we would save almost $12,000 on our brand new Kluger, and a further $4,300 every year in tax and GST via my husband's salary on a novated lease - totalling more than $33,000 in savings over the lease term.


Thank you so much!  I doubt we'll ever run a family vehicle any other way.

After shopping around for several weeks on a new vehicle these guys saved me over $7k on my new Lexus. Could have saved myself a heap of time and effort, and won't be going anywhere else for my next car!

Chartered Accountants

After looking around for a new Mazda3 I was pleasantly surprised to find out that AutoMates will save me around $16,000 over the finance term!


As an Accountant the figures just made sense not to keep paying all my vehicle costs from my wallet.

My fully managed novated lease has turned out to be a great way to run my personal car.

It's also really convenient to have a fuel card I can use anywhere and to budget every pay cycle for my vehicle costs.