Give your staff an equivalent
pay rise at 
no cost to your


You’re in business, either for yourself or managing someone else’s. You have a great product or service and good staff to help you towards your business goals.


Staff costs take up are a sizeable chunk of your operating expenses, yet are absolutely necessary for growth and success.


Business is going fine, but you can’t quite find the extra money in the budget this year to provide pay rises to staff, even though many of them deserve it.


The risk? Employees leave. For many reasons. Often for more money. Recruitment and training costs of new staff then drain the operating budget even further.


What if you could effectively give your staff a pay rise this year at no cost to your business?


Yep, you read that correctly.


There is a clever way you can give staff more money in their pocket each week and it won’t cost you a cent. 


If that resonates with you, then you need to consider implementing a fully managed novated lease program. One that is flexible for employees and saves them $1,000s every year in tax, yet streamlined to keep employer admin to the barest minimum.

There’s a reason why most large employers have embraced novated leasing - as a great employee attraction, motivation and retention tool, and it has become an integral part of their remuneration and benefits strategy. It’s easier than you think, and is available to any size employer.


The average employee could save around $3,000 pa or more in tax on running a basic personal vehicle, simply by redirecting those costs through set payroll deductions. For someone on a salary of $80,000 pa that works out to around an equivalent $5,000 pay rise or a 6.25% increase.


So before you get a knock on the door from one of your best workers asking for a raise, give some thought to how you may wish to reward your staff.


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