There was a time when fuel was 50 cents per litre - just ask

your parents! And it wasn’t that long ago.


Seems impossible when we’re staring at the bowser these days

pumping fuel at upwards of $1.80 per litre.


There are individuals and families out there who depend on fuel prices staying ‘within reason’ just to meet the weekly budget. A good spike often sees them resorting to price checking between petrol stations to save some dollars at every fill up.


What if there was a way to not only turn back the clock a few decades to the fuel prices of old, but if fuel actually cost you a fraction of what you are paying now, or even free….


Well there is. And it’s a great little secret. And it’s easier than you think.


It’s called Vehicle Salary Packaging, or a Novated Lease.


Here’s how it works.


The average car travelling 20,000 kilometres per annum in Australia uses around $3,000 per annum in fuel (based on 10 litres per 100 kilometres - most 4 cylinder vehicles use much less). That’s a 5 litre jerry can per day.


The average Novated Lease driver saves around $3,000 per annum in tax.


Therefore, through a Novated Lease, the fuel you would normally use is essentially paid for with your tax savings.


Under a Novated Lease arrangement, in addition to the huge fleet discounts generally available, you also pay no GST on the vehicle purchase price, representing a further 10% saving.


Under a Novated Lease arrangement, you receive a credit for roughly half of the GST you would normally pay on running costs such as fuel, insurance, servicing, tyres, etc.


This can add up to several thousands of dollars every year in your pocket, simply by running your personal vehicle in a much smarter, more cost effective way.  


Rather than paying for your vehicle expenses from your hard-earned after tax dollars, these typical running costs are now deducted via your employer’s payroll every pay cycle, which reduces your taxable income. It’s also a great way to budget on a regular basis for your vehicle expenses, and salary packaging has helped employers to attract, motivate and retain staff which is critical to the success of any business.


So instead of worrying about fuel prices and running from petrol station to petrol station to save a few cents per litre here and there, contact AutoMates on or 0414 654 164 to see if you qualify for a significant reduction in your fuel bill and other vehicle expenses at no cost to your employer.



Would you line up for cheap fuel?

Now you may not need to…