Improve Your Vehicle Performance with a Throttle Controller

We’d been hearing about a gadget one could install in their vehicle
that gives you much better control over your accelerator throttle
on old school ‘fly by wire’ accelerators. And by old school we mean
a new 1.5L MG3 Auto. Great little car but one must practically
floor it to get it moving with any vigour. 



A bit of research and $200 later and we have an EVC Ultimate 9 iDrive Throttle Controller in the post to us. 


It’s a simple plug n play install, but the accelerator connector cable is perched high above the top of the pedal assembly on the MG3 and not that easily accessible. Not wanting to snap a connection clip we got our super mechanic mate to install it - 30 secs later it’s all done and the results are nothing short of amazing. It’s a totally different car. 


Instead of previously pushing the pedal 3/4 way to the floor for a reaction, it’s now feather light for the same result. It’ll still kick down fast and drop into 4th gear way too early at low revs (as was always the case), but you now have way more control over the vehicle dynamics. 


Now this doesn’t mean it goes a lot faster, it just feels like it as you zip more effortlessly through the streets light on the pedal. Nothing is gonna change the basic petrol non turbo motor and 4 speed auto box - but… the reaction time now makes it much livelier to drive. You could say the power on tap is now instant instead of counting to 3.


The best part is that there are 4 key settings to choose from, numbered 0-9 to set the sensitivity level of the pedal. 

A - Automatic (based on driving style)

U - Ultimate (a lot quicker take up) 

E - Economy (slower reaction, ideal for say 4WD-ing over bumps) 

Dash (-) - default position (back to factory accelerator setting)


Play around with it and you’ll find a setting you like - for us we find U-5 a good level without being too sensitive. 


Once you’ve driven it around in either Auto or Ultimate for a while, flick it back to E or - to instantly remember why you bought this great little gadget. 


Where to buy: 


Google search ‘EVC idrive ultimate 9 throttle controller mg3’ - plenty of retailers selling this unit for varying prices. 


We paid $195 plus delivery (+ install if you need help). The part number is EVC715.


Note: They are made vehicle specific, so nominate your vehicle make and model to receive the right one, or they will likely ask you to confirm.


For $7 extra we added the black coloured faceplate that simply sticks over the white display unit, which we feel blends in better with the dark dash than stark white. 


So give consideration to rewarding yourself by buying this inexpensive accessory to lift the drivability of your car. 


Safe motoring! 


The team at AutoMates