Family Budgeting

It’s common knowledge that a car is the 2nd most expensive asset
you’ll buy after a home, and running that car often isn’t cheap.

But did you know…. there’s a clever way to budget for your family car
costs so that your insurance and registration renewals and a likely
service and tyres all don’t hit at once?

One of the key benefits of a fully managed Novated Lease through your employer (aka vehicle salary packaging) is streamlined regular deductions from an employee’s pay. It allows staff to budget for vehicle expenses each pay cycle - like a forced savings or Christmas account - so the money is there to pay for it when the bills arrive. It’s just another way we’re helping Australians to maximise their hard earned cash, and as we go through this global pandemic and uncertain times…. Cash is King, more than ever before!

Oh and saving several thousands of dollars annually in tax isn’t too bad either. 👍

To find out more about how your organisation can use this amazing staff benefit to attract and retain staff, and help with their financial wellbeing, reach out to the team at AutoMates on 0414 654 164 - The Home of Happy Drivers.

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