Some business use, but less than 50%

If you use your vehicle for business use, but less than 50%, we have a range of finance products to suit, but they essentially fall into two main categories:




Novated Lease


If you use your car for business use, but less than 50%, you are probably better off with a Novated Lease.


A Novated Lease effectively gives you a tax deduciton for around 50% of your vehicle finance and running costs, yet it does not require you to keep a log book or undertake any onerous record keeping.


You  see, under a Novated Lease, the running costs are deducted straight from your pay, providing an INSTANT TAX SAVING in each pay packet, as well as GST savings on the vehicle purchase and running costs.


If your employer allows you to Salary Package a motor vehicle via a Novated Lease, you have immediate access to GST and income tax savings averaging around $3,000 PER ANNUM.


This is not only convenient, but it provides access to the abovementoned GST and tax savings, that only a Novated Lease can offer.  It's also a great way to budget regularly for all your vehicle costs.


In addition, you don't pay GST on the purchase price, so that's an instant 10% saving over and above the fleet discount we receive for you.

Consumer Loan + Log Book


If your employer is one of the few who do not offer Novated Leasing, we have a wide range of Consumer Loans to assist with your vehicle purchase.


You can then continue to keep a Log Book, to claim business related vehicle expenses on your tax return.